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Rain drenched sun lover on a personal quest for insight

A lover of sun, sand, the ocean and a salty breeze I always thought that if I ever settled it would be somewhere that included all of the above. I would imagine myself blissfully happy walking around barefoot, sand between my toes, permanently sun kissed, but not leathery of course, and surrounded by like minded reluctant grown ups who value the sense of freedom and independence and, might I say, a slight sense of non-conformity, as much as I do.

Turns out, instead of living the dream of no worries, for the past decade I am finding myself in the big city of opportunity, and rain, where the only water I get to splash around in seem to be puddles.

Instead of sand and sea, the only salt my toes get to experience is the lick of my beautiful dogs’ tongue, while the sound of soothing waves is replaced with a myriad of sounds typical for a big city. But, turns out my decision to move to London after having seen “Love Actually” has not been as mad as one would maybe anticipate. I want to add, while the prime minister has not fallen in love with my chocolate biscuits, or me, I did however see Hugh Grant at my workplace- twice, so I do feel things are starting to come full circle, or something like that anyway.

So, turns out despite my borderline fanatic love of the sun and life that I associate with it, for the most part I am actually happy to fight and conquer my way through the urban jungle that is London.

See, what I like is a good challenge- I feel that one of the many ingredients that make a life well lived is facing a situation that might not come entirely natural to me.

While I did get to experience what it is like to live the, at least for me, perfect life by the sea, surrounded by things I love- the beach, good, healthy food, fantastic friends and the freedom to explore the world around me and to live life simply, after a few years there was a sense of “is this it?” that started to creep up on me. Somehow I felt that my life was starting to become too easy, wonderfully pleasant yes and not always just sunshine and happy days either, but..there was a growing and slightly nagging ‘but’. I was in my comfort zone and I didn’t feel like I was challenging myself, and so while a big part of my life was going really well, my mind, head and heart itched to do something more, something different, and something new.

What I am hoping to explore here together with your help are the many facets that make up a life well lived.

From having lived in my little paradise I have learned that, while one of the aspects of living well is to surround myself with ‘things’ that feel good to me, another fundamental part is to face and explore something that I might experience as challenging, because doing that allows me the opportunity to grow and to learn something- about others but inadvertently always about myself.

So, what makes a life well lived for you?

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