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Letting go of the old and inviting in the new

This is truly my favourite time of the year, as the current year is slowly winding down, the new year awaits, just around the corner, so it is truly the perfect time to look back and review how the year has gone; to look what went well, what didn’t, what to carry on to the next and what to leave behind.

For quite a while now I tend to spend new years eve introspectively reflecting on all the different areas of my life and writing down how I felt I did in each. If you are an organised german like me then you may do a little pie chart, charting down each area you deem important and colour in how much of your time you feel you spend in each to then see how much of each field occupied your life during the year- this always gives me a good indication on how balanced or not my life has been, what I might want to look out for in the next year and what to continue to work and elaborate on.
Then, if you like writing and are a fan of reviewing your year in a bit more detail, you may want to write a bit on how you feel you did on each slice of your little life-pie. For me, it tends to help me remember what it is that I did during the year, of what I achieved, and how much happened during the year. Often it is only then that I realise how much actually happened, that the little things matter as much as the bigger ones.

By revisiting all the different areas of my life that are important to me and reminding myself of what I did in each helps me position myself in where I am, where I have been and where I would like to be. That way I find it easier to formulate on how and what I wish to achieve and work through the following year.

And when I have done all of that I tend to get a big broad smile out of looking at what clever (and often numerous) intentions I had for the year at the end of the last and see which one of those I managed to incorporate into my life, whether they still fit or if they perhaps suited the 2013 version of me rather then the upgraded 2014 Dani- not to mention the absolutely improved version I intend for the next year.

Of course there is no need to restrict oneself to doing these things just because it is the end of the calendar year, life plans like this can and perhaps should be made continuously or at any point that feels significant, it is just that it suits me and who am I to break socially accepted conventions?!

So perhaps you, too would like to look back and reflect on the year you have had- you might want to ask yourself what you created this year, what made you happy, made you grow, what are you grateful for, what are you ready to let go off and what do you want to hold on to and- how would you like your next year to be, who do you want to be?

I would love to hear from you if you want to share, but know that I wish you all the very best for the new coming year, may you travel and explore further on your quest for a life well lived and what it means to be you.

Love and good wishes