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Sometimes all you need is a little love

Turns out the Beatles were right after all; sometimes- all you really need to help you through the day is a little love, and this love can come in all forms- virtual in the way of a nice email, or chat, via some kind words, with a heartfelt hug or a good conversation that helps you forget your worries for a little while. Sometimes it can be enough to just think of something or someone you care about that makes you feel better or perhaps you dream of an old love or friend who comes to see you and shares their care for you, but it can also be a complete stranger who exchanges a look, a friendly gestures or a smile with you.

I read a lot about gratitude journals and diaries where you are meant to write down all the good things that you experience throughout your day and that help you feel grateful and I feel there is a lot of truth in the concept of stepping back and looking at your life with gratitude, of really becoming aware and mindful of all the little things that enhance your life, every day, and that contribute to making your life just a tiny bit better, or easier, even if just for a few moments.

So, today why don’t you let the sun, carefully, kiss your skin and allow it to brighten and warm up your day, and let me give you a bucket load of virtual hugs and love and maybe you are able to brighten up somebody else’s day with a kind smile or a nice gesture, because- a worry shared is a worry halved..or however that saying goes.

So, what will you do today that helps you and perhaps someone else live life well?